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Brewery and Tasting Room 

41290 US. Hwy. 6 Unit B2/B3

(970) 470-4351



Tasting Room 

141 E. Meadow Dr. Suite 209

(970) 470-4622






On Tap —



Deck Daze Wheat

An ALL AMERICAN wheat ale with a surprisingly tea infused twist of mango and passion fruit. Drinking this smooth, solid haze will give you the perfect excuse to kick up your feet and enjoy these oh so sunny days on the deck. ABV 5.6 %

Petes's Stash Pale 

With plenty of hop flavor and aroma, this is our go to stash chock full of fruity, citrusy notes.  This is quite possibly the most crush-able pale ever.  ABV 6.0%

Hot Mess Blonde

Let's not over complicate this is exactly as it sounds. Smooth, light, slightly malty, and paired with mellow citrus on the nose.  ABV 5.4%

Gore Creek IPA

Unreservedly traditional, our staple IPA is well-to-do in caramel malt bills with a good sense of back end bitterness. Simply classic, simply a staple, simply a must. ABV 7.0%

Mounds of Snow

Devilishly crafted with not so sweet cacao nibs and toasted coconut;  Our darkest Oatmeal Milk Stout will bury you in 75lbs. of creamy deliciousness.  (Contains: Lactose)  ABV 5.4%

Colorado Forager

Foraging like a backwoods bear, this sweet finish dark amber has a roasty backbone that contains a smorgasbord of forest berries and blue spruce. (Contains: Elderberries, Currant, Blue Spruce Tips) Collaboration with Jagged Mt. Brewery.  ABV 6.9%


Feelin' Good, Livin' Better

Pineapple in a glass? Sure looks like it; tastes pretty tropical, too.  This golden haze New England IPA blends a pinch of smooth creaminess, and a dash of feel good flavor so that you live better.   ABV 6.9%

Apricot Sour

Sure it is NOT Spring yet, but it sure feels like Spring. This fuzzy little sweet brew packs a tarty punch of pure apricot pulp, and yes, you might be able to claim getting vitamin A and C out of the arrangement. Either way you slice it, this kettle sour is pretty good.  ABV 5.8%

Recovery Pils

For any in need of resuscitation after a long day on the slopes, this German Pilsner is a super light and crisp lager made with 100% Pilsner malt.  Clear and bright it will ease and refresh your bones.ABV 5.3%

Tourist Trap

Snagging you with resinous, grassy, and piney notes alongside a slightly sweet caramel maltiness, this DOUBLE IPA finishes dry and leaving you wanting more. Even the locals are liable to fall in with this brew.  ABV 8.5%

Off Piste Amber

Deviate from the conventional with a hefty caramel backbone worthy of your tastebuds. A clear, crisp finish, this amber is malty and somewhat sweet without being super dark or roasty. The backcountry slopes are calling! 5.6 ABV %

Down River Brown

Dominated by chocolate, this super rich and dark brown ale is roasted to malty perfection. Pretty much true on any adventure, it is better to have a beer in hand down river then be up a creek without… ABV 6.0%



rocky mountain tacos logo.png

World's Most Best Tacos are available outside the VBC Eagle Vail location. Yes, Rocky Mountain Tacos are quite literally the best.

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Get a taste of our new partnership with bōl Vail.  Served only at the VBC in Vail Village location.

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