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Blood Sweat & Beers

Undertaking the creation of a business from napkin schematics to reality is inevitably fraught with disaster and great risk. But for those who persevere on through the adventure to see their dreams come to fruition discover — well, in this case — beer.

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The Best Beer' Possible

Colorado is known for sunshine and suds.  And Eagle County continues to contribute to that reputation.  Vail Brewing Co. offers locals and visiitors alike a new sunny spot--once May's drizzly weather subsides--to sip beer this summer.


It's beer Thirty Somewhere

Patrons gather Friday night at the newly opened Vail Brewing Co.  In Eagle-Vail to consume some of the 10 original brews currently on tap and hear local band Turntable Revue perform.  Having been open barely a month, Vail Brewing Co. draws a hefty crowd which keeps their small batch brews rotating regularly. 


To Brew or not to Brew