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Eagle Vail Brewery

Available at this location:

-Beer On Tap

-Gift Cards

-Growler Fills

-Personal Keg Sales 

-Rocky Mountain Taco Truck 

-6 Pack Beer To Go


-Quality Merchandise

-Free (limited) Parking

-Free Live Music 

-Trivia Night 




Brewery and Tasting Room 

41290 US. Hwy. 6 Unit B2/B3

(970) 470-4351



Hours of Operation

Monday              11:30 a.m. –10:00 p.m.
Tuesday             11:30 a.m. –10:00 p.m.
Wednesday       11:30 a.m. –10:00 p.m.
Thursday          11:30 a.m. –UTC p.m.
Friday               11:30 a.m. –UTC p.m.
Saturday          11:30 a.m. –UTCp.m.
Sunday             11:30 a.m. –10:00 p.m.


On Tap —


Petes's Stash Pale 

With plenty of hop flavor and aroma, this is our go to stash chock full of fruity, citrusy notes.  This is quite possibly the most crush-able pale ever.  ABV 6.0%

Hot Mess Blonde

Let's not over complicate this is exactly as it sounds. Smooth, light, slightly malty, and paired with mellow citrus on the nose.  Hot Mess may come off in a state of bubbly disarray, but this brew still maintains and undeniable attractiveness as our go to light beer.   ABV 5.4%

Gore Creek IPA

Unreservedly traditional, our staple IPA is well-to-do in caramel malt bills with a good sense of back end bitterness. Simply classic, simply a staple, simply a must. ABV 7.0%

Deck Daze Wheat

An ALL AMERICAN Wheat Ale with a surprising white tea and blended wild flowers infused twist of passion fruit. Drinking this smooth, solid haze will give you the perfect excuse to kick up your feet and enjoy these oh so sunny days on the deck. A collaboration with Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Company.  ABV 5.6 %

Seasonal Flux Hazy IPA

In marches SPRING! Big orange and tangy citrus notes blossom into pineapple, grapefruit, and mango sporting Idaho Gem and Amarillo Hops. The back end flows into a pillowy soft mouthfeel. ABV 6.9%

Midnight romance Porter

Chocolate, raspberry, velvety porter. Need we say more? ABV 6.2%

Color of Your Energy Amber

Wooo-ooah! Amber is the color of this malty caramel notes of delicious energy. Shades of gold brewed naturally for an easy drinking and lightly sweet, sunny tasting phenomenon. ABV 6%

Simultaneous Release Hazy Brut IPA

Produced in concert with our good friends @lonepinebrewing, this hazy champagne IPA features Muscat Grape Juice, was finished with Champagne yeast, and combines the tasting notes and appearance of the classic New England Style IPAs you've come to love!⁣ ABV 6.9%

Spring Wheat

An approachable American malted wheat with a variety of ingredients that allows for a versatility of flavors. We’ve dropped in a hint of zesty lime that is ready to be enjoyed in the longer warmer days. Refreshingly light, for the land and people we love. ABV 5.7%

Raspberry Blonde

Our P!nk Vail special! Enjoy your favorite Hotmess Blonde with a splash of Raspberry! ABV5.4%

Color in Bloom Hazy IPA

How floral can we get? With Idaho 7 and Ekaunot hops, this hazy is juicy, tropical notes of lime, papaya, mango, and stone fruit. Supporting flavors of pine, and a hint of earthy black tea make this one a delectable treat for Spring! Bring on the flower. ABV 7%


Flight of 6 Tasters or Super Flight of 12 Tasters
Now Serving Kombucha!



Visit Rocky Mountain taco parked outside the brewery

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