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Jon Nedza opens for BONFIRE DUB

Before Bonfire Dub and in between sets, Captain Jon Nedza from the Denver Yacht Club is a DJ that specializes in 70's and 80's, Yacht Rock, Reggae and Tropical music will be throwing it down

Bonfire Dub plays a deep and powerful blend of acoustic laced and electric / pedal steel driven down-tempo, reggae, folk and dub. Their focus is original music; travel inspired melodies that incorporate their roots in a rootsy home. Bonfire's lyrical repertoire is inspired from eastern philosophy, indigenous struggles, political injustice, international relief efforts and a deep respect for the roots of love and the balance of nature. Bonfire's founder, Scotty Stoughton, interweaves stories of hope and struggle, derived from his humanitarian aid experiences in regions such as Central America and Haiti.

In addition to performing, Stoughton is the founder of “Campout for the Cause,” and other great music events that focus on the power of community, art, physical expression and environmental awareness. Throughout the bands history, Bonfire has been joined by Bridget Law of 'Elephant Revival', and currently she appears on most dates. The collaboration is natural; coalescing the divine feminine and the sweet sound of the violin into the Bonfire groove. Law is also a part of the ensembles' newly released EP “Who We Are” which is currently available. The music of Bonfire Dub is hard to put a finger on but easy to get lost in. A familiar trance will inspire your heart to lead your body in a dance for hope and positive expression!

Brian Turk...Listen Up Denver

"The name Bonfire Dub, especially when on a bill with BoomBox, may make you think they have electronic elements, but they are straight up roots Reggae with a spiritually uplifting positivity and the ability to settle into a heavy groove. The recent addition of Elephant Revival fiddle player Bridget Law has allowed the band to explore and added a hint of the hills to their island vibe. Moog synthesizers, thick bass, pounding percussion courtesy of Mark Levy The Congress, sweet lyrics, clean and authentic guitar riffs and now the angelic presence of Law on vocals and fiddle…there is nothing Dub about this band in the electronic Dubstep sense. They did lock into some truly authentic Reggae Dub grooves, which originated over half a century before Skrillex ever brought a laptop to an arena. It almost pains me to think that a lot of people automatically associate the term Dub with Dubstep nowadays but conversations I have had and witnessed are making it startlingly apparent. Listen to King Tubby kids!"

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Later Event: October 10
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