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Matt Spinks Trio (2 nights)

If you haven't seen Matt Spinks and his crew yet check them out 12/16 Eagle Vail or 12/17 Vail Village!

The Matt Spinks Trio is a rock band, a bluegrass band, a pop band, and a blues band, all at the same time. Our collective influences include Lep Zep, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughn, (good) John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Bela Fleck, and even Tony Furtado. Our musicianship is exemplary, our originals always land very close to the hearts of our listeners, yet our show remains light hearted and fun thanks to our combined positive presences on stage. In other words, we goof off on stage a lot. We rock, have a great time, and don't take ourselves too seriously.

Rhythm Section - this is always in flux. You can expect the BEST from our rhythm section. Obviously, since I spelled "rhythm" correctly;)

Matt Spinks on Guitar and vocals

I'm Matt and I'm the guy who's been assigned to write this thing so you're apparently getting my unique inside interpretation of the band. I'm the old guy at 29 years old, and I write the originals, sing em, and play the guitar. Wait, switching to third person...Matt Spinks is a song writer first and a guitarist second, though his guitar playing has taken him on various tours around the U.S. Also, he hates name dropping so he won't mention any of the sweet bands he's played in over the years;) His playing is tasteful and articulate, and his lyrics and melodies stay with you long after you've left the show. he sounds like Brad Paisley, Robben Ford, and Eric Clapton are sharing guitar rigs. From Matt, you can expect a shirt that's probably too tight, jeans that he would never buy for himself, sweet boots, and very good manners.

Earlier Event: December 16
Johnny Schleper (Vail Village)