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The Deltaz

The Deltaz are two brothers - John and Ted Siegel. You can hear the pulse of Mississippi Delta Blues, the harmony of American folk music, and the rumble of retro rock in their sound. Since they were boys they idolized the great American musicians of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

First John picked up a pair of drum sticks, and soon after Ted became infatuated with the local music store’s window display guitar. Through vocal harmonization, insightful songwriting, and powerful musicianship, The Deltaz have the unique ability to entertain even the most diverse audiences. Although The Deltaz play music that is unmistakably influenced by the artists of the past, they provide listeners with a new take on some of the greatest American roots music in history.

The Deltaz are constantly writing, rehearsing and recording their music. They perform shows at local Los Angeles rock venues, college campuses, dive bars, street performances, and state parks. Keep an eye out they may be in your neighborhood next!