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The Matt Spinks Trio

This band, musically speaking, has a background of influences ranging from the Allman Brothers to Fiona Apple. While I do love listening to Brad Paisley shred a Tele I find myself being influenced by talented or unique songwriters more often then shredders. On the other hand, everyone in the band is exemplary at our instruments so we do shred a few bluegrass or blues tunes here and there;) I was raised in rural Georgia and rural Nebraska listening to classic rock and blues from my Dad, modern Metal from my older brother, and Linda Rondstat or Mary Chapin Carpenter from my Mom. So picture a country kid that listens to rock and blues who still chicken picks, I guess. 
I've just released an album called "Another Morning" and I'm very happy with the results. More songwriting, less shredding, and way more emphasis on lyrical content. It's selling well at shows and I feel like that's indicative of our prowess and presence on stage. The album is about partying, slutty chicks at shows, drinking too much, smoking too much, and there's even a love story at the end:) I suppose I wrote it because some things that happen deserve to have a song written about them. 
Our band is performance oriented through and through. We live for shows, are ready and able to travel, and play from 10-20 gigs per month in everything from a dive bar on South Broadway to Downtown Denver to Casino residencies and Festivals. We bring a high level of skill and professionalism to our shows. 
Our goal is to just pay the rent with this band. I've been plugging away for a decade at a career in music and at first I was hoping to be a famous song writer and guitarist. I think that's always the initial goal. Ten years later I'm happy to have the oil leak fixed on my truck and the rent paid by playing my guitar wherever people want to hear us. Thanks for reading.

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