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Harvested from the most significant American musical movements—bluegrass, folk, blues, and jazz—Augustus music reminds one of a time gone by that probably never existed, but one wishes it had. And while it is aligned with the current “return to Americana” trend – banjos, a cello, a kick drum, and a soulful singer: a trend popularized by bona-fide top forty groups with ironic mustaches aplenty—Augustus remains distinct, as do all groups who root themselves in truly great songwriting. Front man Colin Kelly writes tunes that lack the obvious, yet feel familiar, like his song “Return,” with its sepia tone longing and brute drive. With the band in place, one sinks easily into Augustus grooves. And yet, one is challenged consistently by the spontaneity of the movements, and of the lyrics, whose subjects you will come to ponder long after they leave your ear.

Earlier Event: August 3
Later Event: August 4
Evergreen Grass Band