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Johnny Riley and the Hired Guns

JOHNNY RILEY from Groveton, Texas (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harp, and various other instruments). Johnny Riley’s music is influenced by both Gospel music and Mississippi blues with a Texas twang and some “Outlaw” influences. Johnny Riley has an unforgettable soulful voice which he can use like a field holler if need be.During his show he plays lead guitar and adds a large dose of Harmonica to the mix. Johnny Riley`s music is strongly influenced by both his Mississippi and Texas roots. Johnny’s mother was from Clarksdale, MS. Johnny’s father was a Holiness preacher from Texas.

Influences: B. B. King, Howlin Wolf, George Jones, Credence Clearwater Revival, and ZZ Top.

I was inspired by Robert Johnson’s story when I wrote the words to my song “Crossroads Of My Life”. I went out and looked up everything I could about “The Crossroads” and that is where I got the inspiration for the song. In my song, “Have Mercy On Me” I say, “you gotta pay the piper if you`re gonna sing the blues”.

Let me go back. In late fall 2011 my manager took us out to the crossroads in Clarksdale Mississippi to shoot some pictures for my first album. So we are out there playing, shooting some pictures, when my first cousin Tommy Davis out of nowhere says, “ you better be careful man, or you will call him up”.

By “him” he meant the “Devil”. I said, “who”, because I had no idea what he was talking about. Folklore says that if you come you need to leave something and you would use the power of three (candy, money, or whatever you’ve got). Before we left I took three pennies out of my pocket and flipped them up and at that moment there was a breeze. Where I was standing got really cold. There was this chill that I could feel down to my bones and when the pennies came down, they all landed on heads right next to each other at my feet.

It seriously freaked me out! When I told my guitar player Mickey Rogers he said, “you got your luck. If you go back out there they will be on tails”. I never did go back out there and check but there really is something special about that place.

Performing BLUES, COUNTRY, OUTLAW BLUES, ROCK, and CONTEMPORARY BLUES Johnny Riley performs high energy shows from a catalog of highly acclaimed original music and from a list of over 200 cover songs. Performing Solo, Duo, or with a full Band. Johnny is comfortable and at home performing an entertaining show for his fans in any size of audience or venue giving them the show they want. Johnny has played all over the South West US in countless tours.

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